Loans with immediate approval during the trial period: Not impossible

As is known, the interest rate level in Germany has reached a historical low. Numerous online loan brokers such as Sparkasse today even offer financing with immediate approval. However, if you are in the trial period and need money, it is not easy to get a loan at all. However, a loan is also possible during the trial period – and via detours.


Why is it so difficult to get an (instant) loan during the trial period?

Almost all loan offers are aimed exclusively at people who are in permanent employment. With a trial period, however, there is no guarantee that a permanent position will actually be found later.

It is therefore certainly not possible to speak of a regular income. This is also the reason why most providers are rather reluctant to make a loan, especially with an immediate approval, during the trial phase. However, some financing companies also grant a loan with immediate approval within the trial period. However, the interest in this case is much higher than is usually taken with a normal installment loan. On Loanhaus Credit there are also useful tips and providers for the loan during the trial period or with generally moderate creditworthiness.

TIP: Even if the chances of getting a loan may not be particularly good, you can still apply for a loan because it is free of charge from reputable providers. In the case of small loans in particular, some providers are now somewhat more risk-taking. However, it would be important to pay attention to “credit record neutrality”, as many rejected loan applications may worsen the credit record scoring.


What loan amount is possible?

loan amount

Anyone who is not yet in a permanent employment relationship can possibly get a so-called small loan. This is usually a loan with an instant commitment, in which the loan amount is comparatively small – usually a few thousand dollars or even less. The terms of the loan with immediate approval during the trial period are also very short.


What are the requirements?

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Lending can benefit from certain factors

  1. collateral:
    The financing is secured by collateral, such as own house, car or life insurance. A verifiable additional income would also be relevant.
  2. Guarantee:
    Loan with an instant commitment is secured by a guarantor who is in a permanent employment relationship. The “co-applicant” solution is even safer because, unlike a guarantor, it is immediately fully liable.
  3. Mitantragseller:
    The loan application is made with a second person who is in a permanent employment relationship

NOTE: The guarantor (see Wikipedia) or the second borrower must be in permanent employment for as long as possible. In addition, there must be no negative entries in the credit record and it must be ensured that the respective person has enough income to be able to take over the rate for the loan with immediate approval if necessary. A probationary worker is unsuitable as a security for the loan and is not accepted by any provider.


Can a dealer credit be taken out during the trial period?

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Dealer loans, which include car and department store loans, are easier to obtain even during the trial period than a conventional loan with an instant commitment. The reason for this can be seen in the fact that the goods remain the property of the dealer until the full purchase price has been paid. Only then does ownership pass to the buyer. However, in general statements can be made as to whether a dealer allows such funding during the trial period or not.


In most cases it is better to apply for a “dealer credit” (aka financing). On the one hand, the procedure for lending is much easier and, on the other hand, the interest is usually cheaper than with an online loan with an immediate approval during the trial period.